Rotorua- council bans open fires from today

A ban on using indoor open fires comes into force in Rotorua from today. The ban is part of a bylaw to improve the city’s air quality, which was adopted by Rotorua Lakes Council in 2010.

Lyall Thurston, Councillor for Bay of Plenty Regional Council in the Rotorua constituency, said the development of the Bylaw, including the open fire ban rule, was publicly consulted on in 2010.

“It’s about improving the city’s air quality and saving lives. We want to make sure people feel confident that the air they’re breathing is safe for them and is not going to make them sick, or worse,” he said.

Cr Thurston said while there are costs involved with upgrading a home’s heating, the date surrounding the ban has been known for many years and should not be a surprise to the city’s homeowners.

Rotorua ratepayers should run these out of control petty tyrants out of town on a rail. It amazes me that people allow themselves to be bullied and harried by these officious interfering BASTARDS when its a democratic country.

If they don’t they get what they voted for, but it still must drive a whole lot of anger in people who know the whole thing is a complete crock.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council

5 thoughts on “Rotorua- council bans open fires from today

  1. The bureaucrats are very convincing and trot out the scandalous claim that people are dying because of emissions when there is in fact no proof.Councillors can’t think themselves or do the research and challenge the Agenda 21 chasing bastards.


  2. “It’s about improving the city’s air quality and saving lives.”

    The old health and safety excuse, rolled out again.

    Have they also banned sulfur.

    How many people have died?

    How many got sick?

    Yeah Right.

    I call bullshit on this to.

    We need something similar to Myth busters to test some of these claims, made by overpaid, over educated, under worked Muppet’s.


  3. Mike Butler has done a lot of work on this and sought info from health boards who say they cannot attribute emissions from fires to deaths.I think he posted on nzcpr a while ago.


  4. Those bureaucrats, transfixed by the UN vision, “Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” need to address reality, the volcanic H2S that really kills people –
    Instead, they fund the policy development that no one wanted or voted for, peddled by risk-mongers from the Church of Healthism, those epidemiologists whose chief claim to fame lies in living up to the old adage, ‘lies, damn lies and statistics’


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