Is the inquisition into Gloriavale a modern day witch hunt?

Gloriavale One of NZ’s LW dailys reports-

A number of calls have been made to the police hotline number set up for former and current Gloriavale members.

It comes after police appealed for people to come forward with information, following a number of reports in the media from former members telling their stories of life inside the secretive Christian community, some of which alleged sexual and child abuse.

The hotline number was set up six days ago, and since then a “number of calls” have been received, police said.

This “investigation” seeems to have arisen out of John Campbell’s need to boost viewers for his show and save it from the axe. One thing I know is that without a doubt, one should never ever believe any mainstream media meme.

Let’s bring real child abusers to the courts sure, but we’ve already had one gross miscarriage of justice in Peter Ellis’s completely corrupt conviction in Christchurch in 1993. Its very easy to get it wrong.

And I wonder if this inquisition would be proceeded with quite so enthusiastically if Gloriavale was a Muslim community.

8 thoughts on “Is the inquisition into Gloriavale a modern day witch hunt?

  1. I would say that the Government is neutral on this subject, as they do not see them as a threat.

    If they set themselves up as an independent state and wanted to go it alone. I think the Government would be all over it.

    Big Government is about Big control, they want total control and have everybody beholden to them.

    Over 50% of the population relies on the Government to feed, clothe and house them to one degree or another.

    Food stability alone is very powerful, things get bad very fast if you cannot put food on the table.


  2. I noted the attack on the Gloriavale school and the calls for it to be closed because of their religious teachings. So typical that only weeks before, the same media outlets where touting positive propaganda on a Muslim school in Auckland…


    • Urban snobbery guarantees these people are looked down on regardless.

      Urban snobs love the Religion of Peace, however (Koran 9:111; 47:35; 98:6). Expressing support for Islam avoids negative emotional triggers and makes feelgood.


  3. That’s right , concentrate on the weird Christian campers at Gloriavale.
    it just sounds soo much more evil than Beheading of christians at any ISIS meeting.


  4. What I found interesting was the talk back radio discussion after the story broke. Radio hosts seem to be generally arrogant secular morons that think they are the last word on anything so were pretty critical of Gloriavale (which I feel is a benign cult) yet many callers who had commercial dealings with them, although thinking the lifestyle a bit weird, found them helpful and with fantastic integrity. While community living will not suit everyone there is much good about it – it appears in line with the early church thinking on shared resource but perhaps goes a bit further in practice.

    If you really wanted to have a poke at underage sex and abuse you could look at Muslim / Maori / Islander communities but that won’t fit the narrative.

    Campbell Live is crap and the ratings show that.


    • From what I’ve heard, NZ radio hosts are mostly as stupid as their own chronic callers. Insufferable… Give me RushSavagePragerLevin baby.


  5. Yes.

    let’s think: Christians. Obedience to authority. Independence of Government. Strength of Family. Hatred of Feminism and Gayism.

    sounds like persecution to me.


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