Arrant hypocrisy from Cameron Slater

I was astonished to read the following on Slater’s blog-

Colin Craig is going legal, it is his usual tactics…the tactics of a coward and a bully.

As is usual he wants to use his wallet to intimidate people, to cost them a great deal of money defending themselves…in order to silence them.

Showing once again how Slater is nothing but a blowhard and a fool and a hypocrite. Who has by his own words identified himself as also a “coward and a bully”. Willing himself to use court action to silence his critics.

Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater takes TV3 to court

Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater is heading to court to stop media publishing emails linked to the Dirty Politics saga.

MediaWorks TV is one of three media defendants in an interim injunction application made to the High Court by Cameron Slater.
Slater is seeking orders restraining MediaWorks TV, The NZ Herald, Fairfax and “unknown defendants” from publishing emails from his Facebook and gmail accounts.

The material was allegedly taken by the hacker known as Rawshark and after being used for Nicky Hager’s book Dirty Politics, it has been leaked either through the Whaledump twitter account or directly to some media.

Slater’s statement of claim says the material was illegally accessed and he wants the media organisations and the hacker to be prohibited from publishing more stories, and to turn the material over to him, according to media reports.

Also interesting was Slater’s publication of the full text of an email he had received from Conservative Party funder Laurence Day which on Saturday Slater had presented thus-

I do not have access to the info you claim to have. I do not know what is the truth of it, but truth will out as they say. This I can say, there is no appetite from any Board member that I am aware of to recall Colin.

Slater had deceitfully excluded the telling point of the email in the opening sentences he left out, thereby giving the email a completely different context. Here’s the full message.

From: Laurence Day
Date: Sat, Jun 20, 2015 at 6:15 PM
Subject: Re: Invitation for comment
To: Pete at Whaleoil

I do not know who is giving you this false info info, I suspect you are making it up to try and force a response. I personally talked Colin into resigning for the good of the party. I do not have access to the info you claim to have. I do not know what is the truth of it, but truth will out as they say. This I can say, there is no appetite from any Board member that I am aware of to recall Colin.

Laurence Day

The hypocrite and deceiver Slater and his cowardly underling Belt are obviously far beyond trust and it is clear that any person reading their site needs to retain a healthy degree of scepticism.

14 thoughts on “Arrant hypocrisy from Cameron Slater

  1. It would be funny if Slater ‘the journalist’ was found to be publishing false slander and Craig’s lawyer sued him.


    • There are a number of unexplained events in this timeline. For example why did Craig’s media relations person quit a day or so before the election? So causing maximum political damage.

      The timing of this seems to indicate some degree of vindictiveness towards the whole Conservative party. Why would someone commit an act so damaging to the entire Party when the beef was mainly with Colin Craig?

      Let’s assume that the person in question had friends in the party. Why would she damage and hurt them in this manner? It seems to me there would have to be another motive.

      Craig seems to be considerably gauche in matters of strategy, and in the arena of dirty politics who knows who might want to take advantage of that innocence and set him up for a fall. Or to attempt some kind of extortion.


      • It wouldn’t be surprising if it was a play by National or just stupidity from Craig, Dunne knows how it goes..
        For me, Colin just never quite got it, I voted for him but I wasn’t totally convinced. With everything stacked against him, I think he needed better advice and a much stronger approach. Like you said, the message is actually simple (and the ammunition is everywhere), it’s just lacking the Farage-like delivery.
        Even then, UKIP as a good example, the entire establishment is against anything Conservative or at least anything threatening the statuesque.
        Its going to take something bigger and the wheel is slowly turning..


  2. Why are you still giving Blubber Boy from Whaleshit oxygen.

    Look closely, Blubber boy is a closet Labour party supporter and a closet Gay.

    As well as a coward and a bully.


  3. Conservatives there are aplenty but they like tough, streetwise men to lead them and deal with the progressive media. Colin wasn’t that man and there is no criticism in that – most of us are no-bodies. He nearly made a difference using his own money.


    • Yes, one can observe the Progressives on Kommieblog and Whaleoil saying these moral warriors (like Craig) are always hypocrites with feet of clay but in fact Craig did not ever claim any kind of moral superiority and it is a myth to claim he did.

      It is in fact the progressives who claim moral superiority and reject opposition to their ideas mostly on that basis.

      Craig in my experience did not do anything other than offer reasoned alternatives to Progressive ideas, but of course he then becomes guilty of thought crimes in their book, and therefore they gloat when they see him receiving what they perceive as the punishment he deserves.


  4. Slater is nothing more than a vicious fat malcontent who likes to watch things burn. I reckon he’s always deeply resented Colin Craig’s successful business career right from the start .


  5. Mr Slater has always had it in for Colin and the Conservatives in general since they rebuffed his offer initially to help advise the party. He has never taken the rejection well.


    • Yes, I’ve long suspected this was a big part of his motivation.

      Of course he would not ask himself the question- “Why would a Conservative Party think that advice from a couple of Progressives like Slater and his buddy Lusk would be helpful?”.

      They have no idea of Conservative ideas/ principles.


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