A question for John Stringer

I have never met John Stringer but I’ve been an avid follower of his blog and I have always seen his contributions to the political argument as having value.

Seeing him on TV recently I have been impressed by his articulation and his sincerity.

However I have to question his judgment and the judgment of others in the Conservative Party who have gone to the mainstream media and to Slater in particular in their mission to have Craig removed as leader.

Now I don’t question the mission. I leave that to the party members. If they think Craig is unworthy of the leadership, and I concede there are grounds to think that, then fine.

However the progressive collective that represents the media in NZ have always hated the Conservative party and yearned for the means to destroy it. With Cameron Slater at the forefront of this intent.

Why then go to the party’s most vociferous and powerful enemy and give them the ammunition they need to destroy the party? The ammunition to achieve what they have always wanted to achieve?

Surely this matter could have been handled within the party and without recourse to the MSM?

7 thoughts on “A question for John Stringer

  1. Agree 100% Red. I too have also followed Johns blog and enjoy what he has to say. And would love to know what his motivations are currently. His approach seems to indicate a total lack of wisdom.

    I believe he is also out of line by going public, especially leaking material to blogs and media. As a member of the Conservatives I expect him to stand down from the board with immediate effect. He can put his name forward at the national conference for reapointment and let the members decide if they think his actions were acceptable.


    • I’m guessing he would say that the information would have come out anyway, but of course if it did come out some other way that would not be an issue.

      For it to come from inside the party makes it a different matter.


  2. I think they are dead men walking.

    Without Colin Craigs money they will wither and die.

    The high profile candidates are already making for the hills.


  3. Have to say I was working away today and thinking exactly what you posted. It always pays to be very careful with allegations and if you don’t know the truth or the whole story one needs to show some restraint .I especially dislike the way the media are always looking at an opportunity to attack Conservative thinking people.


  4. Agreed Red. I have quite liked John Stringer but it would be very poor form of him to use whaleshit ( excrement on the sole of my sneaker) and the mainstream media to take Colin Craig down publicly for that is what these hyenas will do to any conservative politician


  5. I met John Stringer when I attended Conservative Party meetings while living in Christchurch prior to the elections. I stopped attending the meetings as this man who I now realise was John Stringer sat in the meetings and was fiercely critical, and not at all supportive of Colin Craig in particular. I don’t think at that time John added any value to the party as he was outspoken and critical, always seeming to play the man and not the ball.
    I had voted for the Conservative Party in the previous election and Colin Craig was the candidate in my electorate Rodney. I had also voted for Colin as mayor of the Super City, liked his idea of a mono rail type train across Akld city to deal with the traffic problems.
    I did not know that John Stringer was a board member until the name matched the face on the Nation programme.
    I believe that other board members resigning is in fact in support of Colin Craig and in protest of John Stringers actions and probably him as a person.
    There is a certain breed of people that hail from Christchurch, they will admit to being one eyed and they hate with a passion anything to do with Jaffas. That is my experience anyway.
    I will continue to support the Conservative Party but only if John Stringer is removed from the board. He is nothing more than a Judas.


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