The chart the CO2 alarmists don’t want you to see


Could a believer please point out the spike showing mankind’s effect?

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  1. If the answer to a problem is to TAX it then you know it is a con.

    Look at Alcohol and Tobacco.

    Billions of dollars in TAX and no change in smoking or drinking habits.

    Has anybody noticed that despite the millions spent on stop smoking programs they never publish targets, or rates of smoking etc Zero accountability. The best product to help wean people off smoking, e cigarettes or vaping, is seen as a threat to not only big Tobacco but also Government revenue.

    That is because it is a failed policy, much like road policing is to stop road accidents.

    A huge success if it is about the money. And it is a huge success.


    • The Tax on Alcohol and Tobacco is pretty much an economists dream. its not about stopping people from drinking or smoking, its about making the users pay for the police and health services etc


  2. Where does this graph come from? Like the sea level one this needs to be published everywhere but needs authentication.


  3. Now here’s a chart the commies really don’t want you to see:

    what’s this to do with Global Warmist Communists? Should be obvious!


  4. The weather man struggles sometimes to predict tomorrows weather.
    And these dam brains-trust-pseudo-scientists say they know the weather forecast years from now?


  5. Where is the original reference for these data?



  1. So, CO2 Is Going To Kill Us ? - 'Nox & Friends

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