Scientists on taxpayer payroll complain of govt pressure

Watermelons like to make the claim that scientists working in the private sector cannot be trusted because of commercial interests. This claim obviously rests on the tenuous and unlikely scenario that scientists employed by govts do not suffer any such pressure.

A scenario that is shown to be completely wrong by statements from the NZ Association of Scientists.

President Dr. Nicola Gaston said “the pressure on scientists was occurring in universities and Crown Research Institutes (CRIs), as pressure went on to raise more funding from industry.”

Radio NZ reports on the issue, and says Auckland University physics professor Shaun Hendy is writing a book called “Silencing Science” which examines why New Zealand is losing good science and good scientists, especially as participants in public debate.

Professor Hendy said one of the pressures on scientists working in the public sector was competition for public funding. He said that made it difficult for a scientist to advance their career without being subject to commercial pressures.

Another watermelon myth bites the dust.

2 thoughts on “Scientists on taxpayer payroll complain of govt pressure

  1. It’s a sad state of affairs when universities stifle true academic investigation because the findings might contradict the basis for their funding. The media is supposed to be a check against dishonesty amongst the scientific world, but they’re just as bad due to the activists that masquerade as journalists, and the unethical editors who couldn’t give a damn about truth or journalistic integrity.

    I hope some people get sent to jail when the climate change fraud finally comes crumbling down – it’s one thing to have a belief that’s wrong, but quite another to deliberately and knowingly perpetuate a fraud for financial gain.


  2. Science and Scientist are not immune to influence.

    How many studies have there been on legal drugs, saying that they are not harmful etc.

    Have any of these Scientists ever been exposed. No.

    Politicians, both National and Local body, use these sorts of reports all the time justify a position or policy.

    Look at Sky City convention center deal, Thousands of new jobs. Everyone is quoting some “expert” but everybody knows they were just pulled out of thin air.

    Nek minit smaller convention center, room for a Hotel and talk of subsidies. But all in favor of Sky City.

    A compliant media, Government, Mayor and Opposition parties. All who want advertising or donations.


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