Liberals’ treachery to Tony Abbott will have far reaching consequences

Turnbull promotes IslamIt was bad enough that the spill was actually happening, but even worse that Turnbull succeeded. Now Liberal’s are saying, OK, that’s done and dusted, we have to get on with supporting the party and making sure Bill Shorten doesn’t get elected. Funny in a way, as such a statement betrays their real insecurity about what they have done. The real point though is that it is not that simple.

Immediate polls show an expected bounce for the Liberal Party. Malcolm Turnbull 70% cf. 24% Opposition Leader Bill Shorten with 6% of electors indicating either someone else, neither candidate or they couldn’t say according to a special Snap SMS Morgan Poll conducted yesterday afternoon with 1,204 Australian electors.

However betrayal of Tony Abbot has created a massive schism in Australian politics that will have consequences for years to come.

It wasn’t just a change of leader. It was a despicable cowardly betrayal, and more on that below. It was unprecedented in the Liberal Party, which in its long history has never before replaced an elected PM in his first term. Most of all though, it was a complete change of direction. Whereas politicians like to describe the ALP as “broad church” it was operating under Conservative leadership and its policies reflected this.

Suddenly it has been converted to a Progressive organisation. And there is the rub. Such a reversal is almost ideologically impossible, and if most grass roots supporters can understand that, why can’t the party hierarchy get it?

The party has been incredibly weakened in the house. Turnbull’s agreement to support Abbott’s policies is a farcical compromise that has no hope of working out.  On issues such as refugees, AGW and SSM, Turnbull believes what he does and Abbott believes the opposite. So not only will Turnbull have to constantly defend ideas he does not support in the house, an impossible task, so will the whole party have to defend themselves against what is in actuality a complete denial of principled government.

The Labor party have been handed a massive advantage.

One day the Liberals “believed’ one way was right and true, next day they believe the opposite is right and true. Just ridiculous and a situation the Labor party will make hay from, and rightly so.

Then there is Malcolm Turnbull, who has constantly shown himself to be a wet progressive. He probably holds Conservatives in contempt. In his formative years he was a left winger and progressive, and he is on record as applying to join the Labor party in the nineties.

Video- Graeme Richardson tells story of Turnbull’s request to join Labor Party.

Sure, we have the example of Ronald Reagan, who moved from being a Democrat to one of the best Republican Presidents ever, but Turnbull’s development does not demonstrate the kind of ideological and philosophical shifts that occurred with Reagan.

He was a wet progressive back then, and he’s still one today. His spiritual home is the Labor party he once wanted to join. He cannot lead the Liberal Party and be true to his beliefs without taking them far left/ progressive. This is a journey that will bring division and strife that will quite probably destroy any perceived advantage resulting from Turnbull’s perceived electoral appeal.

The Liberals have to admit they made a massive error. After a suitable period of time, they have to dump Turnbull and install Scott Morrison as leader. This will go some way to restoring the damage. However, the party will be forever scarred by the treachery and unprincipled compromise that underpinned Turnbull’s takeover.

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21 thoughts on “Liberals’ treachery to Tony Abbott will have far reaching consequences

    • This is a forerunner to Australian signing up to whatever comes out of the Paris Climate Change talks. In fact some people are claiming that was the whole motivation.

      Therefore we could well see massive increases in taxes and charges for Australians.

      Also Turnbull is now using the word “vote” on SSM which could imply he is going to move away from Abbott’s idea of a plebiscite. So his word in respect of upholding Abbott’s policies seems to be in doubt already.

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      • Also Turnbull is now using the word “vote” on SSM which could imply he is going to move away from Abbott’s idea of a plebiscite.

        Please explain how there can be a plebiscite without a vote. Do you think Turnbull is proposing a what? Politicians actually making decisions is parliament.?

        Abbott thought same sex marriage was so important, the whole country should vote on it, and yet bombing Syria was such a minor matter it could be done with another of his captain’s calls.


        • They are not bombing Syria they are bombing the filth (ISIS) as they run back into Syria from Iraq with their tails between their legs. Once ISIS reached the boarders of Syria after and attack on the helpless people of Iraq the planes had to let them go, now they can bomb them. The planes are not going into Syria to attack Syrians. Australia backs Assad,


  1. If he does try that crap he will lose the support of the Nats who have in writing that he would not change the policies that are in place by Tony Abbott, He wont dare try it at the next election either because the Nats will put candidates in all seats. They are the only hope now for a real conservative party.

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  2. The traitors were hoping for some kind of Dead Cat Bounce from making the change, but they failed to realise Liberal Party members and voters despise Turnbull, perhaps even more than ALP members despise Rudd, and so what’s happened is that the bounce they got was far less than even Gillard got when she rolled Rudd.

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    • Despising Turncoat isn’t the only reason we want Tony back apart from the fact that we voted for Tony and not M.T.It is apparent to us that Tony was there because he loves his Country and cares as he shows in all his voluteering and raising of money for causes. turncoat wanted his job for prestige and power. sorry no votes from me for the libs again until those traitors are gone and that will probably be a long time.

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      • What amazes me is the extent of bad judgment in the Liberal Party that has been revealed by this event.

        Replacing Abbott with Turnbull was a mistake on so many levels it makes me seriously wonder whether those who voted for it possess the ability to make the right decisions in the running of the country.


  3. Yep, the bump is nothing at all to write home about. Of course the lying cheating cowardly MSM is beating it up as much as they can. I read “massive poll boost to Liberals ” somewhere today. Channel Nine news I think. Utter BS.


      • Thanks Red – I must have missed it at the time but amazingly prophetic with the events of recent weeks.

        It’s just amazing isn’t it the times we live in? The corruption, lies and outright hypocrisy of the ruling political elite. And what is worse is that few see what is really going on.

        Abbot was deeply respected and well liked throughout the Australian public yet that is not what the media would have you believe. He defied the globalists agenda and he had to go. They just wouldn’t allow a principled man to defy the agenda.


      • Tony has not received any credit for all his hard work. there is a picture of Turncoat in speedos like Tony wears. Not a word or photo published to show how disgusting Turncoat looked in his bathers. Compare that to fit Tony showing pictures non stop ridiculing even though he had to wear them for life saving work he did. He didn’t ask for photos to be shown nor taken but now here we have Mr bigshot who has plotted for years and with the help of Judas Julie succeeded.The media, the abc did a great job of getting rid of him. Tony was there for the love of his Country, Turncoat is there for prestige and power. There was so much more Tony had planned to do but was cut down by traitors. I I will not vote for this treacherous lot again while the main traitors are there.


  4. The Liberal Party was stolen by a Soros ex banker Turnbull with the help of the ABC and Twitter. I think it was engineered quite deliberately between them, it was no accident. It places me with a dilemma I do not like. Although I have a Conservative choice in the Senate the ALA. In the Lower House I have the Greens, Labor, or what was the Liberal party now Labor Lite. I have voted Liberal for 50 years and the quickest way for me to ensure I have a conservative Party to vote for in future elections is to put the Liberals into opposition, which will most likely split the Liberal Party into Liberals and Conservatives. Hopefully the Conservatives will see the rise of the ALA as a chance to move to the right under a new umbrella. It depends how the ALA go in the Senate. If you vote for a right wing independent the preference will go to the Liberals, so there is no point doing that. To vote informal will not send the right message, pun not intended, you may as well get it over with and vote Labor.


  5. How can one ever expect.. ‘Loyalty’..when they have..’Only Been’..’Treacherous’!


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