How the UN & Barack Obama plan to disarm the US citizenry

And of course they will implement this plan with the full support of statist communist scum like Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and every other deceitful progressive POS out there that holds any kind of political power in the West. Helen Clark and John Key included, (see previous post).


Is this document a fake? See discussion here.

Does it matter? Anyone with a brain knows that deep within the bowels of Obama’s White House a similar document with a similar plan exists.

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  1. This is what I would like to see on Police Ten 7


    Here, he would have been arrested, and charged.

    The poor defenseless criminals would have received ACC, free hospital care and a benefit for life. If they had died the family, despite the 5 pages of prior convictions, would be on about what nice boys they were and how they did not deserve it and of course wanting compensation.


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