Video- Ted Cruz slams CNBC debate panel

Why I like Ted Cruz.

He’s never ever afraid to take the fight to the left, and that includes the massive scam that is the MSM. Here he attacks the CNBC panel for their pathetic questions and for their bias against Republicans and their partisan treatment of Democrats.

He’s right on all of it.

Then fake journo John Harwood refuses to extend the speaking period for Ted to answer the question, when they were happy to do it on numerous occasions before and after for other candidates.

Go Ted Cruz. The man who will fix the US and after that the whole western world.

Say goodbye to your Jeb Bushes, your John Keys, your Malcolm Turnbulls, your David Camerons, their time is over. Citizens have had it up to here with compromisers and surrender monkeys.

Note: NZ media should take a good hard look at how resentment is growing towards the MSM in the USA. Your time is drawing to a close just as it is for the fake right wing politicians. The scam has lasted for decades, but its soon going to be over.

18 thoughts on “Video- Ted Cruz slams CNBC debate panel

  1. Ted Cruz will get a huge lift from this. The panel from the MSM are a bunch of useless talking air heads.


    • Don- Never have the establishment Republicans taken on the media as Cruz does in this clip. I used to think they were too gutless, but now I think its because they’re all part of the same scam.

      Cruz and Trump have completely uncovered the long time Democrat/Republican/MSM scam on the voters and there will be no going back. This is a catalytic moment in politics.

      CNBC and the MSM, (including FOX’s Megyn Kelly who has had the utter gall to join in criticism of CNBC) are getting hammered on Twitter like I have never seen before.

      And so are the Republicans for walking into the MSM trap again and again. Many calling for Reince Priebus’s (RNC Chief) resignation.


      • The problem with simply replacing Priebus is the question of how he came to be there in the first place remains an open and festering wound for conservatives. The GOPe continues to play the Quisling for the radical-filled DNC because the Dems push the Statist agenda GOPe seeks.

        The grassroots needs to find a way to root out the GOPe first. I suspect that part of Cruz’s game plan is he knows how important it is to get that done. I am almost certain that the GOPe thinks that’s his goal because there has been nobody in or out of govt who they seem to fear more.


        • People are pointing out the hollowness of Priebus’s complaints concerning the poor performance of the moderators. He organised the show. He’s organised all of them. This may have been a bad performance, but its by no means exceptional.

          If Priebus has only just woken up to the fact that Repubs get a bad deal in the debates then he must be really dumb. So dumb I don’t believe its possible.

          I’m slowly coming around to the idea that the Republicans have been purposefully infiltrated by Democrats. At first I thought such a proposition to be too far fetched, but when you see the main man at the RNC continually organising debates that show his team in a very poor light, then what are we to believe. That he really is that dumb?

          Really, it one looks at it rationally, its more likely that Preibus is an infiltrator rather than he can be that black hole dense. I still find it difficult to accept, but I have to seriously consider it.

          The US Communist party long ago stated its intent was “to capture the Democrat Party and to capture the Republican Party as much as was possible”.

          Could they have possibly succeeded in this intent?

          Edit- Just read this article. Even more suspicious.


          • The Dems and the GOPe working together I labeled RepublicRats as shown in this cartoon I created and paid to have drawn in 2003. [I hope it posts correctly, if not you have the raw link embedded in your WordPress lists of comments]

            That was because it was clear to me even then that there were GOPe elements that wished to whittle away at the limits on DC’s power. GW Bush did it with help of a GOP congress and many Dems.

            Two examples: His creation of DHS, and his increased Dept of Education intrusion on parent’s control of school boards through funding carrots and sticks.

            Many more people are waking up to this. So naturally the gov loving trolls come along and thumbs down any comments which highlight the growth of big govt. Or they add nonsense comments where they can (and I welcome your position on allowing them in limited numbers so as not to derail your threads).


    • Please go away with your references to Politifact. It demonstrates typical left wing ignorance and lack of perspicacity that you regard such a site as having credibility. No one with a brain is still sucked in by the same old subversive deceit as the left have been getting away with for decades.

      Where’s their expose of that commie slime Clinton’s Benghazi lies?


      • Feeding trolls, my friend.

        Like all leftards, it doesn’t have any grasp of history. You’ve been talking about Ted Cruz on your blog since before he was elected to the Senate. Troll can’t grasp the fact the Republicans have an incredibly strong bench, and any one of the candidates (and yes, that includes weaklings like Jeb! and Rubio) would be an infinitely better POTUS than any of the throwbacks, Bolsheviks and Mensheviks running on the Donkeycrat ticket.

        Cruz is without doubt the best option for the Republicans. He is the single most Conservative person in the field. He is one of the two smartest people in the field. He has a record of fighting against the corruption of Washington DC, and has an unyielding fealty to the Constitution. It should be Cruz, but it legitimately could be any of the top 4 (Trump, Carson, Cruz, Fiorina). It could equally be Santorum or Jindal. They would all fight to save the Republic, against both the Evil Party AND the Stupid Party.

        The only way I can see the GOP fucking this one up is if they nominate another weakling – Bush, Rubio or, heaven forbid, Kasich.


        • Gantt- if the place was over run by Trolls like Jack, and they were uncivil, (as on Kiwiblog) then I wouldn’t be interested. In small doses LW dolts are useful, in that they provide an example of who and what we are fighting.

          You have to know your enemy, and you have to have a strategy that brings results.

          Jack and fools like him are useful as stalking horses where you can expose his illogicality and errors and thereby convince others who may be wavering. Without examples like Jack there’s no opportunity to air the necessary counter arguments.


  2. The good news is that when you encounter kids that sit on their arse, have no qualifications, no common sense, no sense of right and wrong etc… you can suggest they look at a job within the media where, it seems, fuckwits go and make decent money for being useless bastards.


  3. Politifact is pretty accurate Red, but if you can show errors, I am sure they’d like to see them.

    As for Ted Cruz, here’s a bit more about why he is unsuited for any public office.

    Michele Fiore, the Nevada Assemblywoman who thinks that cancer is caused by a fungus that can be flushed out of the body using baking soda and saltwater has been named by Ted Cruz to his Nevada Leadership Team. Ben Carson has also endorsed a bullshit supplement company.

    Cruz led the government shutdown that crippled the GOP. Even the conservative Wall Street Journal crucified him over this.

    Cruz is despised by his fellow Senate Republicans for his selfishness and recklessness. The Republican party leadership hates his guts.

    Cruz said as POTUS he would prosecute Planned Parenthood for donating fetal tissue for research. ZFetal tissue research is not illegal. Congress, including lots and lots of Republicans, specifically made it legal to donate fetal tissue for such research, which has proved invaluable in developing vaccines and other treatments.

    I could go on and on, but I think that’s enough.

    As for “Benghazi”, if that’s all you’ve got to throw at Clinton, you lose. Clinton did not cause it. Clinton could not have stopped it. And all the Rethuglicans have come up with is someone said something to someone at the water cooler.

    And as bad as it was, it was no where near as bad as the things that happened under Regan and Bush the Lesser.


  4. “The Republican party leadership hates his guts.”

    If you had half an idea you’d know that’s why he’s so popular. If you had even the faintest idea you’d know that the Republican establishment is more on the nose with RW voters than the Democrats.

    Go away you clueless uninformed leftist imbecile..

    Coming on here with your freshly googled worthless Democrat talking points. You don’t have a clue about US politics.


  5. I suspect I know more about US politics than you

    Cruz popular?

    Trump 26%

    Carson 25%

    Cruz 10%.

    Yep, he’s real popular.


      • I guess it depends on what you deem popular.

        I also think you are a little confused. You first state that Cruz is “so popular”, you now you say “none of those names are Republican Party favourites.” about a list that includes Cruz.

        Which is it. Use this as a teaching moment, if you can.


        • Your question makes no sense to me. Usually they’re just based on poorly premised preconceptions. This one doesn’t even have a logical thread.

          The RNC favourite/ first pick is Jeb Bush, with Rubio as back up. Both pro amnesty left wingers.

          I’m getting very tired of you asking me to right your uninformed and delusional perceptions. Don’t you get it?

          We on the right do not have the time or inclination to deal with the idiocy of left wingers. You’re free to hold your idiot ideas, but do not come on this site begging me and my readers to put them right for you. To “teach” you.

          We’re just not interested in what the delusional and destructive and divisive left have to say and if we are, all we need to do is read the MSM.

          Go away please. You’re a bore and my regular readers are rightfully complaining of your idiot comments cluttering this site.


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