8 thoughts on “Video Footage LaVoy Finicum Shooting Oregon Militia

  1. I give Finicum the benefit of the doubt: he had said he would never surrender – why should we expect that he should betray the Republic and Constitution and the Freedom that he loved?

    I’m just surprised the drone didn’t just drop a hellfire on the truck long before it got to the roadblock.


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  3. Not a good look at all.

    This will harden views with other protest groups.

    What the Emperor’s of Rome feared most was the mob.

    Yes the Police have the power of the state behind them, but there is never enough of them ask any dictator, and the biggest threat to any Government is the people.


    • “what’s the good of a good nuclear triad if you’re afraid to use it”.

      A couple of W54 “block-busters” would’ve done wonders in Fergusson – hell even in Malheur, and had the bonus of pissing of the enviro-commies…


      • only surprise is that they took so long.

        The message for True Americans is clear: If LaVoy had started shooting from the start, he’d have had a better chance of still being alive today.

        As it is: at least he is free


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