Crosby Textor- why Conservatives should despise them and Progressives should love them

Progressive appeaser David Cameron & friend & adviser Lynton Crosby

Progressive appeaser David Cameron & friend & adviser Lynton Crosby

Mark Textor wrote an opinion piece for the Business Insider (Australia) the other day. I was surprised at how politically incoherent it was for someone who has a global reputation as a sharp political adviser. Then I realised that Textor was trying to convince readers of the correctness of an idea that is just not correct, and of course this explains why it reads so incoherently.

Textor tried to tie technical innovation and open borders into one package. In other words, isn’t it amazing that the US made it to the moon in 1969 without the assistance of a million HB1 visa waving Indian immigrants? Not surprisingly, he pushes the myth that illegal immigration is a net economic plus-

American legislators, the smart ones at least, are forced to acknowledge that Latin economic migration has very real benefits to the US economy, ….

A Californian voter staring in numb bewilderment at Donald Trump’s latest “solution” to unregulated Latin American migration understands that the potential illegal migrants Trump would lock out with a wall are also a vital part of that state’s economic prosperity.

Get it readers? Mark Textor is for open borders, just like the global Marxists pushing for the destruction of Europe & the rest of the West. BTW, in 2013, the conservative think tank the Heritage Foundation released a study concluding that as of 2010, the average unlawful immigrant household (US) has a net deficit (benefits received minus taxes paid) of $14,387 per household.

Let’s look at his mate Lynton Crosby. Lynton’s father was an art & craft shop owner near Adelaide SA. Lynton was recently awarded a knighthood in the UK for “political service”. He has been an official or unofficial advisor to most mainstream Western political parties perceived as anti-left since around 2005 most often through his consultancy business The Crosby Textor Group. The most salient characteristic that Conservatives have observed in such political groups over that time has been a startling drift to the left, or the Progressive section of the political spectrum.

NZ, Australia, the UK, Canada, the US, are all countries that are today far far further left than they were in 2005. Textor’s recipe for success is not to fight the left on the battlefield of ideas, but to cave into them, steal their territory, and then claim this as a victory. (it should be noted here that Crosby has denied any influence in Canadian politics)

Textor and Crosby are Progressives who either wittingly but more likely unwittingly have done their bit well for the cause of global cultural Marxism. The left should love them, whereas it is Conservatives who should despise them.

There is one upside to this. The betrayal by anti-Conservatives who posture as right wingers has led to an increased anger and dissatisfaction that is now manifesting itself in the growth of parties who are openly and strongly opposed to the left wing totalitarianism that masquerades as a democracy. At last we are hearing opposing points of view, and it is such a welcome change from the white flag waving era of Crosby Textor.

13 thoughts on “Crosby Textor- why Conservatives should despise them and Progressives should love them

  1. official or unofficial advisor to most Western political parties perceived as anti-left since around 2005

    really – True Finns? Pegida? (or even Alternative für Deutschland?) Front National? Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs? Χρυσή Αυγή?

    bullshit, red, bullshit.


    • To help the really thick who (perhaps wilfully) misunderstand so much of what I write, I have added the word “mainstream”. Was Pegida heard of in 2005? I’m talking about the UK Conservatives, the Liberals in Australia, the NZ Nats and Canada’s Conservatives.


  2. left wing totalitarianism that masquerades as a democracy

    Again Red: the universal franchise universally results in “left wing totalitarianism”.

    this is always understood by those like C/T who think “democracy’ is a good thing.


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    • Yes, perfectly correct, and that phrase “they don’t matter” is code for a shift away from what the Liberal Party stood for towards the ideas the Labour party stands for . Mark Textor is a progressive coward who disdains Conservatives and seeks to mould the Liberal Party into a more progressive association. He should be told to fuck off to the Labour party and take his ideas with him.

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  4. Love your work. I am one of Devine’s delcons. Tim Blair has picked up on it. Turnbull is flailing and 53 are nervous. Looking good for Shorten House and Conservative senate.


    • Thank you for your kind words and comment Mary. I only blog intermittently and when I have something I feel strongly about. Look forward to having you as a reader. We must all do what we can to expand and increase our Conservative political presence.


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