Socialists, Progressives and or Watermelons retarding the West’s economic growth.

Churchill on socilaismI’ve had it lately with these socialist cowards huddling in their group think enclaves. Plotting further destruction of our economic condition and nit picking with each other over the finer points of how they’re going to continue to white ant the productive sector. What little remains of it.

Clueless parasites most of them, who have never owned a business, have never made up a wage packet for an employee, have never had to concern themselves with the pressure of ensuring there was money in the account to meet that Thursday deadline. They know nothing of these matters, yet they plot and scheme and natter interminably about what further hobbles they’re going to put upon those who are trying to meet those commitments.

Set all a tremble by views coming from those who live outside of their stupid socialist fantasy world, they cluster together and have passionate arguments about where to tax and how to tax and what to tax, but mention spending cuts or reducing the size of government and its like a shark nosing into a school of sardines. A fox entering a hen house.

They love the fake religion of Environmentalism, for its the greatest cancerous idea they’ve ever had to enhance their blinkered attacks on capitalism. Here’s a statement from a blog that’s a typical example of where these yellow backed shoaling whitebait cluster-

“The worst environmental disaster – by an incomprehensible magnitude – is climate change,”

The jury is no longer out on climate change, its been well discredited as a deceitful sneaking ploy pushed by cowards and deceivers with either a vested interest, ie earning a paycheck from “studying” this myth, or by political zealots wanting to kill off private enterprise.

We don’t have to add any qualifier to Socialist, they’re just the worst disaster the West has ever endured. Sneaking scabby deranged simpletons infected with the disease either through contact with carriers at universities and schools, or sadly, by means of being born to parents already suffering.

Let me return to my oft quoted example of Singapore to illustrate just how destructive Socialists have been to our economic and social condition. Lee Kwan Yew knew a thing or two about the left, and he was always too smart for them. He knew they were cowards and liars who like rats and termites used the freedoms of the West to destroy the West. He succeeded in locking them out of the political process.

Let’s compare Singapore’s economic and social condition to NZ’s, a sad little backward country that has become badly infected with the socialist disease. So badly they have had to sell their country to Chinese communists to maintain the pretence of a world class living standard.

NZ was in global terms high on the hog after the second world war, becoming the 3rd richest country in the world in 1950 while Singapore was a swamp.

While Lee Kwan Yew was growing Singapore over the next five decades, socialists were busy white anting New Zealand.

Singapore’s 5.5 million people live on a land area less than 1 per cent the size of NZ. Today their GDP per capita sits at $US85000 while NZ’s is $US36000.

singapore1Singapore has replaced NZ as the third richest country in the world. NZ has fallen to 31st place.

Singapore’s growth rate in these straitened times is a real 2.9%. Underpinned by production and not land sales to rich Chinese communists or earthquake flattened cities. Even with these deceptive factors, NZ is still still only 2.3%. Singapore’s unemployment is currently 2%. NZ averages around 6%.

With no resource industry, Singapore citizens have a monthly average wage that is equal to Australia’s in terms of purchasing power parity.

Singapore’s highest tax rate for individuals and companies is 17 per cent. In NZ its 33% for individuals and 28% for companies. Topped off with a punishing 15% GST.

NZ’s all consuming tax base is designed around its massive welfare state, and who and what produced this massive millstone around the neck of our well being? The socialists did.

Bottom line. Singaporeans are far better off than NZ. Singapore has climbed to be the 3rd richest country. NZ has sunk to 31st position. Singapore has curbed the influence of Socialists. In NZ socialists rule. Singapore has a culture of self reliance. NZ has a culture of dependency.

On a good note, Socialists are under increasing pressure as their economies collapse across the globe and the people finally rise up against the insufferable soft tyranny of their political systems. Donald Trump may not be everyone’s political cup of tea but he is an expression of the voter’s patience coming to end with the waste and oppression of the Socialist era.

Let them cluster in their cowardly group think enclaves. They can converse among themselves all they want. We in the meantime will engage in our new conversation, and its one where we need their tired old disproved Keynesian economic theory, Cultural Marxist drivel and Critical Theory mantra’s like a hole in the head.

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  1. “Underpinned by production and not land sales to rich Chinese communists or earthquake flattened cities”

    Never a truer word spoken!

    The problem we have Redbaiter in NZ is that those who should be most on guard about the encroachment of Socialism have been suckered in by the smiling, waving, normal bloke appearance of the Prime Minister. They associate hard socialists with social shortcomings and bitterness which is not the image key gives.

    The desire to change the flag is a classic example. Like his redefinition of marriage, mass immigration, his 2 finger salute to those who wanted the right to discipline their children, Key is a revolutionary who wants to overturn the existing order.

    Why people can’t see this I don’t know, does he really need to be wearing a red rosette to prove to the plebs he is an out and out socialist?

    Anyhow, here is a good article that touches on many of the salient points we raise:


  2. You’ve hit another one out of the park, Red.

    I think the stark differences between Singapore and New Zealand are down to two reasons, both of them the direct result of the socialists.

    First, New Zealand’s experiment with socialism has been going on for a century. Started by Richard Seddon at the turn of the last century, who set the platform, then massively ramped up by Savage in the 30s. And increased by every single Prime Minister since then (the only time – through good times and bad – that the welfare state has experienced any cuts in real terms was at the hand of Saint Ruth Richardson). New Zealand is, and has always been, a petri dish for the Fabian Frankenstein experiment. What this means is that no matter what Kiwis do or don’t do, they know that at a basic level, the taxpayer will fund their existence – cradle to grave. There is less incentive to work, learn and excel, and I firmly believe that after generations of this, sloth is now baked into the New Zealander’s DNA.

    Secondly, and building on the first point, there is one group of New Zealanders who for generations have been told they are the victims of oppression by every other New Zealander. The crushing weight of low expectation has been placed on this group, meaning their natural tendency to eschew education and hard work is not derided, but pandered to.

    The New Zealand culture simply does not lend itself to education and hard work.

    The Singaporean culture is different. Shame continues to play a very important role in their society, which is why children work hard and excel in school – to honour their parents, and why parents encourage their children to do so. Yes, I think Lee Kwan Yew can claim credit as the architect of Singapore’s success, but his citizens’ culture was already pre-programmed towards education and hard work.


    • “The New Zealand culture simply does not lend itself to education and hard work.”

      Yes, over the course of a few decades we have seen just about a complete breakdown in the family unit. We have become one of the sickest and disabled people on the planet, with rampant entitleitis.

      6% unemployment what a joke, our low paid jobs have been flooded with immigrants. Jobs that we no longer feel a need to do.

      Check out rest homes, hospitals, etc Fishing quota so important to Maori culture leased off to offshore fishing companies, because “our boys” do not want to go fishing. The list is very long and growing.

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      • 6% is a joke – NZ needs real reform as everything that Ruth did has been undone.

        NZ needs 15-25% unemployment for 5 years when the Welfare State ends: 25% with no dole, no super, no health, no education, no nothing

        Let them starve.

        Then – and only then – could NZ’s economy actually start to recover, and NZ return to freedom!


    • I’m sure you’re not entirely stupid, any more than I am entirely socialist, but the simple truth is that most wealth in any state at any historical time (except possibly during the industrial revolution) has not found its way into the hands of hard-working business owners, but into the hands of money-manipulators, land-grabbers and snake-oil salesmen (grandly known as financiers, developers and corporations). Throughout history, rulers with any interest in their nations’ survival have had to find ways to limit the predation of these jackals, using licensing, ennobling (ie hobbling), taxation or brute force as their tools. This was ‘kingship’ at its best. You can call it ‘socialism’ if it suits you, but rational redistribution of wealth is as old as central leadership. The socialist straw-man is an easy target, but your real enemy is the radical asset-stripper and commodity-controller, who makes the life of every genuine entrepreneur (and worker) such a frustrating misery. Read this again slowly if you fail to grasp it the first time.


      • Your point may have more validity (notwithstanding the wrong-on-everything, pseudo-intillectual pablum that spouted from your keyboard) were you not such a complete, condescending wanker.


        • Yeah it has no validity.He’s nothing but a commie econo-terrorist, TRUMP will waterboard his sort without a second thought.

          The fact is: the people with money deserve it

          bludging scum don’t


  3. Lets start at the end.

    This will all end very badly.

    “who have never owned a business, have never made up a wage packet for an employee, have never had to concern themselves with the pressure of ensuring there was money in the account to meet that Thursday deadline”

    I think you have missed the reality here. It does not take a genius to work out that running a business that employs staff is not only a waste of time but an unacceptable business risk.

    Yes, you take all the risks and the Government takes the majority of the income generated, with stiff penalties if you are 1 second late. You quote TAX and GST. But there is so much more. People have absolutely no idea how much TAX they really pay. Not to mention a multitude of compliance costs.

    The servant class have become the Masters.

    My question is why would you.

    My advice.

    Work from home, do not hang up a shingle, Council do not like home businesses.

    Work to become Debt free, and reduce your overheads as much as possible, only employ independent contractors, as and if required.

    Earn as little as you possible can, to minimize your TAX requirements. Become TAX negative if you can, get more from the TAX system than you give.

    Take steps to avoid the inevitable asset grab from a Government desperate for financial survival.

    Watch the train wreck come to its inevitable conclusion.

    Sit back and enjoy life.


    • And one of the ways you do this is put every cent you can into gold and silver. They can’t tax your increase if its from an increase in the value of gold and silver, which means it is invisible. So suppose you were taken to family court, the government would take what it could from you, and the more you have the less DPB she gets. So when they come to get all of your assets, but your gold and silver would be invisible.

      Now here’s why they can’t. This is what Barron’s law dictionary says: Money: Coined metal, usually gold or silver, upon which a government has impressed its stamp to designate its value. While money was once limited to “coin of the realm,” in common usage the term refers to any currency, tokens, bank notes or the like accepted as medium of exchange. Under the uniform commercial code, money is defined as a “medium of exchange authorized or adopted by a domestic or foreign government as a part of its currency. UCC 1-201(24). Compare legal tender.

      Then if you look up legal tender you find that the Reserve Bank bills can only discharge debt, and they are negotiable instruments. Notice it says it applies to all governments.,d.dGo

      In sections 4 to 6 of the above act, the Reserve bank is authorized to take money from the treasury and pay the IMF, so all the money created out of nothing, is simply lent from the IMF. So the money you have has an interest penalty on it, and that’s part of where all the huge tax comes from. Now with gold and silver its not lent out of nothing and has no interest penalty on it, so its none of their business what happens as it truly is your money. Reserve bank is a bank that lends.


      • That all sounds very good, but, and there is a but.

        The US Government made it Illegal for US citizens to own Gold the Penalty was, $10,000 about $1,000,000 in today’s money. This was because people where shifting massive amounts of their wealth into Gold.

        When the depression hit and banks collapsed the Government took over control of the collapsed Banks and there safe deposit boxes. Not surprisingly nobody wanted to claim the Gold in there safe deposit box, so it was forfeited to the Government.

        The Governments Open Bank Resolution act enables a Cyprus style bail in, for depositors, should a Bank fail.

        And yes all money is borrowed into existence and backed by nothing more than good intentions. Making it very easy to just create more out of fresh air, creating Inflation or devaluing the currency depending on your point of view. Gone is the 1 cent, 2 cent, 5 cent coins, the 10 cent coin is worth less than the 1 cent when I was young. This is another form of Taxation on savers.

        As I said take steps to avoid the inevitable asset grab.


        • Mr Blobby, I understand exactly what your saying. When they did that, they also created HJR-192. Now the wording was US persons. US means Washington DC. USA means each state. 2ndly, Richard Milhouse Nixon took off that no gold clause. At one point an ounce was worth $35, and foreigners could say the US owes, so we want our gold. When Nixon took off the $35/ounce guarantee, now even US persons could own. 3rdly that limit doesn’t affect silver or platinum.

          About US, this is how US is defined in my law dictionary: United States Courts is defined as: federal courts. United States Code is defined as: The official codification of the federal statutes in a multivolume bound set…

          So US means federal. The military are federal workers, and so are post office workers, that’s why the notice of all your gold was in the post offices. Now look at this:

          United States Trustee: See bankruptcy (United States Trustee). So here’s how bankruptcy is defined, when it gets to Bankruptcy trustee: refers to the person who takes legal title to the property of the debtor and holds it “in trust” for equitable distribution among the creditors. It then goes on further to explain how sec 7 bankruptcy means your debt is sorted but sec 11 means your assets are reorganised to help you repay your debts. For instance NZ selling its assets in the 80s and 90s to repay some of its debt.

          The bankruptcy is referring to HJR-192, no longer was gold the only way the US could pay its debts.

          Notice the word public policy. So when you use Reserve bank notes you are participating in the public policy of the state. And at this time Income tax was no longer voluntary, it was required to pay the debt. Income tax is in the bible, when their was a famine and they were hungry, and had nothing to sell, they got seeds in exchange for paying an income tax. Next thing they were slaves.

          Anyhow gold and silver are invisible if you want to avoid the asset grab.


  4. Excellent post. I cannot wait to see what Super Tuesday delivers. If the polls hold up for Trump we may see the GOP go full retard.


    • I agree, the GOP are full of retards,and God help us if the chief retard Trump becomes President, then you can go to the US and join the rest of the retards. Lets make retards great again,vote Trump.”””


        • I respect your right to an opinion,as i hope you respect mine,but you must realise that the era of right wing Goverments is coming to an end and people are waking up to their destructive policies that hurt the average working man and woman.
          The people will rise up and defeat the 1% that are stealing all the wealth from the working class and we will restore the imbalance and teach the poor gullible misguided people that they are voting against their own interest,we must decrease spending on defence and put the money into hospitals and schools and increase old age pensions.

          The world is changing and if we dont move with the times we will be left behind,Bernie Sanders would transform America and if he does’nt make it well Hillary will take us part of the way at least.
          Look at what Abbott has done to Australia,every country in the world hates us and Turnbull is going the same way,and Keys is an absolute right wing nut job.

          Dont look back, look forward,and i know it is a hard concept for right wing people to look forward but you cant live in the 1950s , we must be progressive and move into the 21st Century and learn to think for ourselves,and stop being dictated to by far right nut jobs who only want to control your every thought and deed. ””’ Think for yourself for god sake man.”””


          • Key and Turnbull are nothing but expensive-suited communists.
            The world is changing, whether it is with Trump or Le Pen or the True Finns or Law and Justice in Poland or Austria, or AFD in Germany, Golden Dawn in Greece
            the world is changing, leftists will no longer be tolerated, not in parliament, not in government, not in the polling both, not on the benefit rolls, not in companies, not anywhere


          • Holy crap, which “right wing” governments are these?? It’s nationalism that is rising, and the Trump phenomenon reflects also what is happening across Europe. It’s faux conservatives and leftists, who have betrayed their own people, who are coming to an end — the Eurofascists and the bipartide ruling class in the US. (At least I hope so.) But a lot of Democrats are going to vote Trump, including more than a few Union people who see both party establishments rather betting on the immigrant than the American worker.


  5. Singapore is a good example of the benefits of a benign dictator but under its gleaming skin there is still some stuff that is simply dodgy. A maritime friend spent a lot of time there supervising a ship repair and was far from impressed at how the foreign workers were treated. The lack of skill was surprising (a plumber one day was an electrician the next) and their off time was spent in containers with little in the way of convenience. They were poorly paid and work quality was very patchy (but no worse than other international shipyards apparently). The employer treated the customer and locals well but not so the staff below Singaporean level. I liked Singapore very much when I visited (the women are often soooo beautiful and the place is immaculate) but its not all glitter.

    For all that I hate where NZ is heading.


    • far from impressed at how the foreign workers were treated

      yeah I know, they provide them with dormitories and pay ’em in food, plus money to send home. They even offer free health (private) coverage for foreigners. This just goes to show that even in Singapore, the tentacles of welfarism, socialism — really plain old Communism – can infiltrate even there, and governments must always be vigilant to stamp out any signs of it.

      [Communists] converse among themselves all they want

      and there’s the difference between NZ and Singapore. Even RB is willing to let Communists plan, agitate, organise, talk, advertise, have political parties, have unions, run for office, run the newspapers and TV and schools and hospitals and universities and blogs…

      Try that in Singapore, and if you’re lucky, you’re fired – you and your whole family – and let emigrate. Trying anything more and you’re sued into bankruptcy, jailed for corruption, or found dead in an alleyway. That’s why Singapore has economic growth: no Communists!


      • The fact that the above post was downvoted on Redbaiter’s blog

        shows why NZers are dependent socialists scum, and why a Singapore, or Indonesia, style reform is needed urgently in NZ.


  6. Try living in Singapore where a Toyota Corolla costs more than $100,000 and you own it for only 10 years; a house costs 10 times the price in Auckland, and an apartment 4 times more. If you do not pay your rates, the Tax department goes into your bank account to take it – and your lifetime savings are locked up by the govt – watch this video of a 77-year-old woman begging for the return of her own savings –


    • Look at the income levels in a country with no welfare. If you deserve a Corolla, or a house, and work in the slightest, they are much cheaper in Singapore than in NZ

      If you don’t work, of course, in Singapore you stare in the gutter. In NZ, you get a house and a car and a playstation and healthcare and education and and and and and even fucking super!


      • The figures of income levels, GDP etc. are doctored. Try and work there and see if you can earn those figures. Those high income levels are for the connected, highest-paid ministers in the world (five times Obama’s salary), tax-evading money launderers and the like. If you think you can earn those figures, go there as the politicians welcome foreigners with open arms and open legs!


  7. So I had a much longer, more detailed response ready, but shit happened and it got erased. So the gist of it is this:

    The whole argument here is predicated on one faulty principle: People who work are always paid fairly. But Reaganomics fails. People with loads of money generally feel entitled to hold onto it, and suck up more.

    Communism is an ideology where no one deserves to better themselves and is forced to give pretty much everything away.

    Socialism is an ideology where everyone is encouraged and enabled to better themselves and stay healthy because the resources are placed within reach.

    And I can say that because I live in Alabama, USA, a Republican state where increased wages were vetoed and healthcare is sub-par to even other American states. And I don’t watch Fox News to receive my opinions.


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