Trump- Left’s innate thuggery about to surface

Trump has been asking for it.Trump protesters

That’s not what I think. I’m merely attempting to paraphrase most of the commentary I have read on the violence that is occurring in the US election campaign.

However, whether you’re for him or against him, the argument is really much bigger than Trump.

As my good friend Gantt Guy has pointed out, Trump has made statements in the past that are actually reminiscent of what the left are saying about him today. For example Trump condemned Pam Gellar for her stand against Islamist threats. Saying she was inciting violence. So its not possible to logically defend someone whose statements are often so politically inconsistent. That’s why I am not trying to defend Donald Trump.

The substantive issue is this- Trump has boldly snatched the political narrative from the left wing establishment political class. The US election is like something that we have not seen in the West ever. It threatens by its success in the United States, to destroy the left’s political and cultural hegemony right across the globe. That is the real reason the left want to stop Trump.

Trump’s support is a spontaneous uprising against the soft tyranny of the left and they know it. To them, its not so much defeating Trump that is important. They must put down the popular uprising to show the extent of their power, and to stop the revolt from spreading.

Trump is a flawed political figure, but he is the catalyst for the revolution. Many are prepared to overlook his flaws for they see him as the best chance to rid themselves of the soft left wing tyranny they have suffered for so long.

And I always knew that when the innate violence and savagery of the left was finally forced to the surface, it would happen in the US. For the US is different to Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK. Its founders gave it the gift of a Constitutional Republic. That’s why its citizens are still heavily armed, and you cannot face the speech crimes there that Mark Steyn faces in Canada for example.

The US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, mainly in  the 1st and 2nd Amendments, severely limits the options for the left. That is why we see Trump arising there and not in any other Western country.

Not to say the left have not tried. Cultural Marxism aka communist subversion has achieved remarkable success in the US for the left. However their efforts have failed by a long shot to achieve the same successes as they have in NZ, or Australia or the UK or Canada.

So we see the revolution, and the left see the revolution, and they want it stopped. But their problem is they can’t stop it by the usual means. Their media collaborators for instance have proved particularly ineffectual. So they turn to their old staple strategy. Bolshevism. Violence. Intimidation. Savagery.

If Trump prevails, its only going to get worse in the US. Let’s not forget that the violence so far is one way, in that it is only eventuating when left wing protesters attend Trump rallies. So far, there’s been no violence caused by Trump supporters at Sanders or Clinton rallies.

Trump threatened on Twitter today to send his supporters to Bernie’s events. Good on him. Why? The only way we will defeat the left is by facing up to their innate predilection for violence. Any other reaction will just encourage them.

Its not about Trump. Its about the left and what they will do to maintain control of the political narrative in the West.

Its crunch time in the US. Its crunch time for Western civilization. The bloodshed we always knew was coming from the left is only inches from the surface. Failure to confront these vulgar ignorant and savage barbarians will signal the end of the free world. They simply must be stopped, and by whatever means is necessary.


Video. CNN “journalist” Jake Tapper covers for Obama’s call to his supporters to upscale the violence.

23 thoughts on “Trump- Left’s innate thuggery about to surface

  1. “It threatens by its success in the United States, to destroy the left’s political and cultural hegemony right across the globe. That is the real reason the left want to stop Trump.”

    Excellent post Red.

    I have to say destroying the left across the globe (read NZ and Australia specifically) is the key reason I am such a supporter of Trump making president. He is a loose goose at times but then he shapes up and he just does not care what he says. Its so refreshing. I wonder who is advising him but there is not going to be a fairy tale white knight politician ride in this trip so I’m sticking with him.

    If Trump makes it out alive I am hoping it will motivate a strong leader to pop out of the woodwork in NZ. We sure need one. There is no doubt that it will get violent one day in NZ. No one gives up their free ride without a fight and we have some particularly nasty types.

    If Turncoat fails in Australia this year it will be three years of the Shorten idiot then back to Abbott.

    I am enjoying this Trump campaign immensely.

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    • KC

      Thanks for your kind words.

      Interesting to see what happens at the end of the Republican nomination process.

      It looks to me as if the establishment Republicans might be stupid enough to try for a brokered convention.

      I can’t see any other reason that justifies Rubio and Kasich’s continued inclusion. My guess is the idea is to ensure that neither Trump nor Cruz manage to gather the required 1236 delegates.

      If this happens, the Repubs could nominate Kasich or perhaps even Romney. Kasich was asked today by Sean Hannity- “Will you accept the party’s nomination if you do not have the maximum delegates but it comes by way of a brokered convention?”

      Kasich refused to answer. Which leads me to think this is just what they could be planning.

      As I said above, the Repubs would be crazy to try it, and it would set of a firestorm of rebellion and who knows where that would end.

      If they did such a thing, it would confirm my long held suspicions about the Repubs being completely infiltrated by the Democrats.

      We’ve been conned for so long. Only Cruz or Trump can put an end to it. (and I’m not even sure Trump knows what he’s got himself into)


      • Cruz is history: TRUMP™ has the momentum and can’t be beaten on the numbers. If the GOP tries treason to replace TRUMP™ at the convention, I’m sure they’ll get what’s coming to them: they’d be fools to try it and throw the election. So they won’t.

        As it is TRUMP™ wastes Hitlery left right and center – Bernie voters will switch to TRUMP™ rather than to Hitlery – and when the FBI nails HItlery the DEMS will be gone, hopefully for ever.


        • like I was right.

          destroy the left’s political and cultural hegemony right across the globe.

          With any luck TRUMP will do rather more than destroy leftist “hegemony”: he will destroy the whole left. Because while ether are leftists “left” they will always come back sooner or later:

          The US constitution is great not really because of the first amendment, nor ultimately even the second l: but because of the preamble and the guarantee and general welfare clauses: leftism us any and all its forms is unconstitutional.

          And only TRUMP argues that leftists should be jailed, waterboarded, shot or when it comes to countries either forced to yeild to capitalism or get nuked.

          And let’s face it: even commie Key in NZ will come around to paying our fair share to support the US Army ; to repeal welfare, state education and health, pharmac, super etc – than have Auckland get nuked (although with any luck not til Wellington is gone!)


    • In Australia we have a major political party led by a lying slimy treacherous backstabbing left wing turd, on the other side of politics we have Bill Shorten who is a lying slimy treacherous backstabbing left wing turd.


  2. Trump’s support is a spontaneous uprising against the soft tyranny of the left

    dunno what’s “soft” about the left…

    I can’t wait until Trump starts using the USN to guarantee freedom around the globe. It could be a pretty simple choice for NZ or Aus at the next election – vote for communists like Key, Little Shorten… and get nuked.


  3. Any opinion site that quotes comments by Ann Coulter as ”” Great”” really needs to ask themselves some serious questions. The woman is an Ayn Rand far right radical genuine nut job who cons uneducated dopes into any garbage she chooses to spew out on any given day.

    I love the use of the emotive language on this site like”””’ Sedition, Terrorist, Leftist,Hoodlums, Revolution, Doomsday, Traitors, Commies, Thuggery, and the list goes on and on,and it’s the oldest trick in the book, the 3rd rate Current Affairs programs have been using the same technique for years.

    It’s time you people stopped hating,you might be surprised how good it actually feels, because if you all dont mend your ways, im afraid the only solution left to society would be to detain you all in a secure compound and keep you sedated,and then start you all on a re-education program to transform you into decent rational members of society,then, and only then would you be allowed to interact with normal people.


    • I love the use of the emotive language that you lefties use like ”””’ Waacist, Bigot, Xenophobic, and the list goes on and on, and it’s the oldest trick in the book, the 3rd rate Current Affairs programs have been using the same technique for years.

      Choke on this brickbob


      • Thanks for that video, now i know what the inside of a lunatic asylum looks and sounds like, and just reinforces my opinions. Thank you.


          • Lolz

            Yup no need to worry about the $20 trillion [how many zeros is that???] deficit. There are greater issues facing America – like the ‘fun deficit’ for example….

            Crazy right???

            Well welcome to the asylum brickbob


            • Yes you are right, that Trump fella really belongs in an asylum, the man is a certified nut case, and if he becomes President then we are all fucked.””””


  4. Spoken like a true Marxist brickbob.

    If you don’t like what anyone else says, you attack verbally and physically to attempt to shut them down , and you would want Mao style re-education camps. Freedom is anathema to the likes of you.

    Condemned by your own words.


    • We need to smash these liberals (whether it’s brickbob or the (il)liberal terrorists) before they wipe us out.

      Just goes to show why the Lion’s Guard is not just a good idea, but essential to preserving liberty, democracy, and good government.


      • I dont know what the Lions Guard is but it sounds pretty silly, and why do you always want to ”” smash”” things? i have no desire to ”’ wipe you out”” although you and your supporters could use a culling i must admit as a new forrest always grows faster and greener when you first remove the dead wood,”” as in re education i mean, not by violent means.


        • The “Lion’s Guard” are a corps of free men – a “free corps” if you like – a “Protection Squadron” or a “Voluntary Militia for National Security” that have been formed to protect the next president, Mr Trump from liberals and protestors and terrorist/activists such as yourself and journalists at his campaign rallies and elsewhere. What with the unionists, terrorists, agitators etc trying to take out Trump, democracy needs a real defence!


    • You only think you have freedom but you have being fed lies ,real freedom would scare the crap out of you and your equally misguided brothers and sisters.


      • We have freedom. American freedom. One day – soon after TRUMP is sworn in – it will come for you in 9mm or 0.45 APC or – why not – M-388.


        • So your philosophy is if you cant win an argument just resort to violence, i’ll bet you are scared of your own shadow,and every time you see it you pull out your gun,and like all cowards once your gun is taken away you will run home like a rabbit crying for your Mommy.”””


          • “Arguments” didn’t make America great. We didn’t win Independence, win the West, win the First and Second world wars – or lose the War for State’s Rights – with arguments!


  5. “If Trump prevails, its only going to get worse in the US. Let’s not forget that the violence so far is one way, in that it is only eventuating when left wing protesters attend Trump rallies.” Lol, could you be any more obvious?


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