Key and the Chinese Connection

It is alleged by many National Party supporters that there is a psychiatric disorder at large among the political left of NZ, and they call it Key Derangement Syndrome. Well, taken in the context it is meant to be, this could be true, and my problem with it is that it helps to shield Key from real criticism.

Look at most mainstream stories critical of Key and you’ll find they’re almost all sourced from the far left, and repeated by far left political agitators posing as journalists. Occasionally, there’s an article that strays from this pattern, but not often. Consequently, with so many cries of wolf, when a real issue comes along it fails to gain any traction.

Last week I read an allegation that John Key had met with Chinese in NZ (who could only be recent immigrants) to seek their help in the further financial underwriting (on top of $26 million from the taxpayer) of his deceitful campaign attacking NZ’s traditional flag.

This horrified me, and I expected there would be more to come on the story. The silence has been deafening. A circumstance I find incredible.

Here is the Prime Minister of the country conspiring with unknown Chinese, in meetings kept secret from the public, to remove the Union Jack from our flag. For myself, I struggle to see this as anything but an example of gross moral treason. Something that should at the very least have put the skids under Key for once and for all. Instead, hardly a ripple.

In fact the whole issue of Key’s undue friendliness with the People’s Republic of China, governed as it is by the People’s Liberation Army, A full on Communist institution, goes largely unremarked upon in the NZ media.

In Australia a couple of days aqo the Sydney Morning Herald ran a story on how Chinese residents in Australia held a rally to warn Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull on how to behave in dealings with the PRC.

The article, written by Fairfax’s China correspondent Philip Wen, said the rally was organised by the Chinese “Australian Action Committee for Peace and Justice”. It declared the need for the Australian government to “Firmly Safeguard the Sovereign Rights of China in the South China Sea”. It also said-

“Australia’s political elite should have a clear understanding,” the committee’s chair Lin Bin said at the Saturday meeting. “[They] ought to talk and act carefully on the sensitive issue on the South China Sea, and not make ‘irrational’ or incorrect signals to the international community.”

The rhetoric of freedom of navigation, freedom of overflight, international arbitration, changing the status quo and “militarisation” of the South China Sea, it said, were all mere buzzwords utilised by the United States as part of its strategic pivot back to the Asia-Pacific – “naked hegemonic behaviour” aimed at containing China’s rise.

What were previously fringe nationalistic and patriotic Chinese associations in Australia are now emboldened in the search for greater domestic political influence with the implicit backing of a rising China and its increasingly assertive foreign policy.

Mr. Feng Chongyi, an associate professor of Chinese Studies at UTS, said “I can see in Australia, in the United States, even Europe, very strong lobby groups who work very closely with the Chinese government. If you follow those analyses that some of those overseas Chinese students come from very rich backgrounds, Communist Party officials and business people, they are naturally linked between them and the regime back home,” Dr Feng says.

In another article, Peter Jennings, head of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute and leader of the expert panel advising the Government on its recent Defence White Paper, said national security interests also needed to be assessed when doing deals with Chinese. (from PRC).

“The problem is the nature of Chinese business, because of its close associations with the Communist Party,” he told 7.30.

“Chinese companies are nowhere near as transparent, and do not, when they go overseas, disclose the role of the party in terms of a company’s decision making, and do not describe … how that can then link back into the Chinese intelligence establishment.”

“Given the volume of Chinese investment which is potentially coming into Australia now, Australian governments can’t just look at the money, they’ve got to actually understand what the strategic implications are of having so much Chinese investment in Australia, when those businesses can be tied so closely to the Communist Party.

So Australian journalists are doing the legwork on this issue, reporting on real concerns, while NZ journalist are as usual naval gazing or ineffectively trying to slag Key on some pissant issue of no consequence.

There is no question that a similar Communist Chinese political presence would exist in NZ but we hear nothing on the issue from the largely pathetic bunch of incompetents described as NZ’s MSM.

Who were the mysterious Chinese Key met with who wanted the Union Jack removed from our flag? There was an amazingly telling quote from Lewis Holden (tacit leader of the attack on our traditional flag, along with John Key and David Farrar) when he reportedly said the donors at the meeting were “people who were keen on supporting us in the flag campaign. We put it together on the basis we get donations from them for the campaign.

There you have it readers. The flag change committee, and the Prime Minister, conspiring with recent immigrants from the TOTALITARIAN DICTATORSHIP called the People’s Republic of China, to remove the Union Jack, a symbol of our cultural and social heritage, a heritage that gave us our democratic parliamentary system, our system of justice, our language and customs, from the NZ flag.

Traitorous scum. Deceitful devious contemptible cowardly traitorous scum.

Furthermore, Mr Holden seems to be saying here that the whole flag campaign was a result of Chinese influence and their promise to fund the campaign.

Did he mean to say that? Did he let the cat out of the bag on the real reason for the campaign?

I often wondered why and where the idea to attack out traditional flag came from. It seemed to come out of the blue, and I thought often, “Why did Key do this when he did not have to?” I have previously put it down to vanity. Now I suspect something else.

If we take Mr. Holden’s statement at face value, it would at least imply that the whole idea was a result of Chinese political and financial influence upon John Key and the National Party. PRC immigrants wanted the Union Jack removed from our flag and the campaign only kicked off because of this objective and their financial support. Bizarre perhaps, but it fits as a logical solution.

Mr Holden admits that the money the Chinese donated allowed his campaign group to send pro-change pamphlets to 500,000 NZ homes. “We knew there was support in the Chinese community because of the Union Jack,” Mr Holden said.

So who were the donors, and did they come from a group in any way similar to the pro-CPC Australian Group? John Key would not be interviewed on the issue and neither would other National Party reps at the meeting, Peter Goodfellow and Nikki Kaye. So there the matter rests, because apparently there’s little curiosity about it among the NZ media or public.

I didn’t hear a squeak from the Labour Party. Here was an opportunity to hit Key with something hard and something real for once and they did nothing. I also heard SFA from Winston Peters. One would have thought this would be just his kind of issue.

Of course there was nothing either on the National Party blogs Whaleoil or Keywiblog. Pretty much a media blackout apart from one follow up post on the Herald article on The Standard blog.

My feeling is there is a lot more to this than has been revealed so far. I’m going to try and follow through and get to the truth of the matter. Watch this space for updates.

Oh, and in the slim chance you might read this Mr. Key, have a good trip to China tomorrow to engage with all of those thugs cronyists and criminals of the Chinese Communist Party who hold their people at the point of a gun. And who also apparently own you and the New Zealand National Party.

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36 thoughts on “Key and the Chinese Connection

  1. “who wanted the Union Jack removed from our flag.” The enemy always goes after the flag. It is a flag that represent the country we are from. Our countries’ flags represent our history, traditions, beliefs, and values. It is our countries’ flag that leads in battle against our enemies. The flag of a kingdom or country is also called a standard. Anyone who knows history of the standards in a face to face battle knows the enemy will go after the standard and try to confuse the opposing troops. If the enemy succeeds in doing this, it is “Oops you been captured”, “You been defeated”. It is something to remember. It could be a strategy to take away the people’s symbols of history, traditions, beliefs, and values to start a a new world order as some would say.

    We are in a battle even weapons haven’t been drawn and blood spilled.


    • Key claimed it was his sense of patriotism that drove him in his bid to change our flag. If the truth of the story is as I suspect it to be, he’s not any kind of patriot.

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          • I have nothing but contempt for John Key and his party. He is laughing at all of us because he knows Labour is as bad and it matters not a jot who gets elected anymore. Same shit different no hopers.

            He is an ambitious progressive prancing about the world stage like a prize cock. In almost three terms he has not added one dollar of value to NZ in terms of reform beyond social engineering. He has been the consummate National prime minister.

            Winston Peters has been nothing but a troughing charlatan since 1978 and anyone that votes for the old prick is dumb. He is a crook.


  2. “I also heard SFA from Winston Peters”

    Winston has raised the issue of the Chinese businessmen on his Facebook. It is not good for immigrants to NZ to lobby the NZ government as a group of foreign born nationals from the same country. Individual lobbying or lobbying with a group of New Zealand born people is a different matter.


    • Chuck, the issue here is potential interference in the NZ flag change event by Chinese immigrants with possible connections to the Chinese Communist regime and simultaneously their possible connections with and influence over the Prime Minister of NZ.

      Winston should be going stark raving bonkers over this.


  3. The thing that really bothers me, is that the media hasn’t stopped. They are saying that those who voted yes shouldn’t have, as if they want to have another vote. I sometimes wonder as to who really owns the NZ mainsteam media.


  4. @ J Key = dual passport? U$A Citizen? From the States but not a Statesman. FRB plant. Tribe.
    @ NZ MSM = foreign owned/controlled. Check on line. West MSM = 6 groups; from the same tribe.
    @ Han Marxist co-operatives = Collins and hubby, J Shipley, Ashburton CC, NZ 1%.

    “…little curiosity about it among the NZ media or public.” YeaNo! Youknow.
    Two silly, old, NZ moos who’ve stumbled into a pot plant patch. The false flag fiasco woke them up. It inspired advertisers to buy time and space. Of coarse NZ MSM wants more of it! And the red and blue barns will sell more crayons and paper. Hosking will collect even more shekels between adverts, and Williams will tell his wife, Soper, another heap of misinformation.

    Where is NZ on the International Chess Board? What does NZ have that the oligarchs want? There is nothing here apart from the White European People. Nothing in Europe, either.


  5. I am sure I heard Key on Red Radio this morning saying that a Communist Chinese Warship was being invited to NZ to take part in some celebration.
    Shook head.Thought ,where am I ?
    If we had an American warship coming to NZ the media would be awash with stories anti any US navy visit.


  6. The Nats have no plan to address government overspending on social programs nor do they intend to reduce the size of the government. Instead, they intend to see out the immediate future by belly crawling up to any wealthy “investor” that comes along. Further to that, the modern “right” (liberal Right) sees no value in nationhood, culture or heritage outside of maudlin sentiment on ANZAC day. They are beholden to economic liberalism and a puerile libertarianism only.


    • We don’t need to “cut government overspending” on social programs – we need to END THE LOT.

      No notice, no transition, just no more welfare in NZ.
      And yes than means selling the assets Auckland Grammar and Midflemore Hospital as much as it means no more DPB, no more dome, no more fucking super.

      My rates pay for perfectly good gutters: that is the only provision for the indigent in s free country,


  7. Urban, I call National, ‘The Inter-national party’, they aren’t concerned about everyday New Zealanders. They just want to be attractive to overseas lenders, by giving them an attractive return. And why do people vote National. Because the Greens and Labour have scared people into it.


  8. Agreed. The Labour opposition are so unpalatable and have pitched too far towards Alliance fringe-Left policy they are endearing themselves to no one outside of the unionists, beneficiaries and the over educated left wing social justice warrior types.


  9. People, the only thing that is going to save NZ from progressive takeover is Trump getting elected and the arrival of a strong leader of a strong third party on the right. NZ needs a Trump. I just do not see that person anywhere in NZ.


  10. Unfortunately, KC I have to agree with you. What has David Seymour done? He’s pushing Euthanasia. Previous Act leaders would have tried to push for real right wing reforms. All Seymour is doing is pushing for death. So don’t expect much from him. And Colin Craig has come and gone. I knew he wouldn’t get 5%, either time, and his name is now absolute trash. It looks like the help is going to have to come from abroad.


  11. Sorry to be a wet blanket guys but IMHO its all too late and the West is done.

    I don’t often make predictions, but I am pretty certain Bernie Sanders will be next POTUS.

    The left’s strategy over the last half dozen decades has worked too well, and they’re now reaping the electoral benefits in most Western countries. That strategy, in simple and broad terms has been-

    1. Capture the education system and turn out stupid uneducated socialist white bait.

    2. Capture the media and entertainment systems (easy to do when your producing the dummies in step 1) Don’t report on what is important and divert people from politics as much as possible. Weaken opposition to left wing ideals and corrode every idea that impedes their progress.

    3. Capture the opposition parties (for example, National in NZ, Liberals in Australia, Conservatives in UK, Republicans in US) as much as is possible. White ant those parties from inside. Attack and dislodge anyone who demonstrates real resistance.

    4. Destroy the West’s economic systems by means of the Cloward Pliven strategy. (or similar)

    Keeping the focus on NZ, its insular position has made it even easier for the left, and they have virtually owned NZ politics now for around 50 years. The shift has been so gradual it has hardly been noticed, which is the way its meant to work. A big part of the strategy.

    National has been a hard left party for some decades, and we have consequently had socialist govts in power now for a couple of generations. Key, who would have been blackballed in the founding National Party now leads it, and is supported by infiltrators such as you find in multitudes on Kiwiblog.

    Most starkly exampled by commenters like Keeping Stock, a left wing stooge so blinded to his own condition the only person he can find to criticise is Penny Bright. KS is a sick weak perverted coward and surrender monkey of the kind that has gormlessly gifted NZ to the commies without the faintest idea of how he has been manipulated, used and converted to the cause.

    My article above on the Chinese connection will receive very little support, for not only do the Chicoms own the National Party, they also own Labour. They own a large part of NZ industry and business. They own the media. The NZ Herald and the Dominion Post. Chicom influence is everywhere, and generational NZers still with their head shoved firmly in the sand, will sell out their country and their culture and their heritage without a clue that they’re doing it.

    The left have won, and they will go on winning because there is no solid opposition to their advance. The so called right are too infiltrated, too dopey, too uninformed, too manipulated and in the end, too cowardly to resist the onslaught.

    The left destroy everything they touch. Eventually. They will eventually destroy NZ, just as they will destroy every other Western country.

    Its a sad and terrible outcome, but it seems to me that the complete destruction of the West is the only thing that might free us from the grip of the left, and even then it will be touch and go.

    Because all of this is happening under the cloud of Communist China, and though it would still happen without the Chicoms, they bring a new dimension that makes the real outcome unpredictable. Whereas social destruction is a given in the West, it could well be helped along with a good dose of real war. We haven’t had one for so long, it has to happen soon. What happens then is anyone’s guess.


    • Well, you have made a very clear prediction here. Now I know how certain you are in the reliability of your predictions.

      I reckon within a few days we are likely to know. If Bernie does not win Pennsylvania he has no chance.

      Unless of course you are counting on an FBI indictment to knock Hillary out of the race. I do recall you have already said that will happen, and presumably that will give Bernie a cake-ride in to the White House.

      No doubt we will all soon know.


      • My prediction is a combination of guess work, mathematics and gut feeling. Clinton may well win, but I’m thinking four factors will make it possible she loses.

        1) Bernie wins enough delegates. Not entirely impossible. (He still has millions in his war chest)

        2) Clinton is indicted. Hard to say how likely this could be. Depends on many things too numerous to list here.

        3) Whatever illness she is hiding becomes more serious and she withdraws.

        4) If she looks like winning, there could be such an uproar from the Bernie camp at the stacking of delegates in favour of Clinton that she withdraws citing 3 above as the reason.


        • Well your gut feeling may say Bernie, for me it says Hillary.
          To be fair, both of us make our judgments not just gut feeling, but also on mathematics and political experience.
          For instance I don’t think Hilliary will be indicted. Arguably the private server is not the fundamental issue, it is how the person uses the information.
          Is it really likely that Hilliary would have shown the information to someone not entitled the information. That is what got Petraeus. Well that is just speculation on my part, but I would be pretty certain that the Clintons have got the best possible lawyers to deal with this issue. No easy ride for the FBI.


    • I get you but never give up Red. The progressives do not have the right to steal the birthrights of generations of people that have worked hard to create what is left of NZ.

      I have hope and faith, albeit faint, that someone somewhere in NZ will have the steel that Trump has shown for America. It only takes a strong leader and the donors will appear with supporters.


    • You are right.

      We have traveled to far down this road to simply turn around and go back.

      We have no option but to follow the inevitable train wreck to the bottom of the cliff.

      It is not a question of if but when.


    • Sorry Brown, just saw the results of the New York primary. Trump won for the Republicans but his share of the vote wasn’t that great. Bernie/ Hillary received about 5 times as many votes.

      Cruz, the only small govt Constitutionalist in the race, got virtually nothing.

      NY is a cancer on America.

      The US is done.


      • Agree. Long term, the Anglo-sphere along with Western Europe is done. I’ve always maintained that the only opportunity for hope comes from the Slavic peoples – they haven’t been jaundiced by modern liberalism and mass immigration to anywhere the same extend at the rest has (and they appear to recognize liberalism for the cancer that it is)


  12. Red, I’ve heard that the whole system is rigged. They only record your vote if they want. The establishment don’t want Trump. So then Eustace Mullins wasn’t too far off, the Federal Reserve Republican party, the Federal Reserve Democrat party, and the Federal Reserve police. The Federal Reserve is the creditor that ultimately decides what happens in America. Or maybe its somebody else that ultimately decides.


  13. I’m not saying that they won’t record any votes at all for Trump, just that they will steal enough votes, so that he’s always in the minority.


  14. I still live in hope that the individual states will eventually decide the feds need to be brought into line. The system does allow it – it will just take one state to rock the boat and then it may snowball. Sometimes it looks like its likely but then it blows over.


  15. Excellent article, Redbaiter! I like how you tie two seemingly unrelated items – the removal of the Union Jack from the New Zealand national flag and the massive Chinese investments there. Yes, it all makes sense to this American cousin whose rebel ancestors came to love, respect and help defend the British Empire after two small colonial wars with the Mother Country.

    The New Zealanders may have forgotten the successful 19th and early 20th century wars that the British Empire fought against the Chinese Empire and the “Unequal Treaties” – but the Chinese never have – be they nationalist, socialist, or imperialist! Thus the flags of New Zealand and Australia are prime targets for the Chinese Regime that is looking more fascist than communist by the day – that which the Chinese could never win on the battlefield, they try to win by backroom deals and bribes to Leftist traitors.


    • Ronbo- NZers have got this dopey idea that the Chinese (from PRC) coming to NZ are their mates.

      I was arguing with a Libertarian on Twitter a few nights ago and he was telling me that the thousands who are coming here are all refugees. Simplistic naive and dangerous crap.

      The stories from Australia prove well enough that the Chicom immigrants revere their masters back in the totalitarian People’s Republic of China. It won’t be any different in NZ.

      All companies in China have to have their directors approved by the party. That’s why so many of them are party members, its gives them a head start in the crooked cronyist business environment that exists there.

      Chinese sea and naval operations in the South China sea and Pacific are essentially intimidating, and designed to show the West that China means business in regaining or taking any land it believes it can. Many of the islands concerned are only good as strategic staging posts for military operations. That’s why they’re building airstrips there.

      All there needs to be is some spark to set it all off and what then do we do with the thousands of Chinese in NZ who are loyal to the PRC and the PLA?

      Key and his toadies will have a lot more to answer for then, as if the current destruction of our traditional culture is not enough. Fancy these commie scum WORKING WITH OUR PRIME MINISTER trying to change our flag and most NZers appear completely unconcerned. Lamers who deserve to have their country stolen from them. They make me sick.


  16. Add in Shipley and her Chinese connections along with Tremain and the bank, , Oravida and Collins (water and kauri) and who knows who else tied up or with connections to the National Party who are supposed to act in the best interests of New Zealand .


  17. Talk all you like Folks the Chinese Communist Invasion of the South Pacific
    yes that Includes Australia and NZ is only 20 years away if that.

    This was an attempt at deliberate de branding by a Traitor in order to sell more of NZ to them
    before the Full Military Invasion and Chinese Communist Colonisation with typical violent
    communist force is unleashed.

    Maos Maori Cloak is in Te papa and how many Million of his own did he murder
    50-60 Million?

    All they need to do now in venerate Hitler and Stalins Underwear and the insanity will be Balanced.

    Remember Rewi Alley helped them so much so they could come South and …..
    Liberate us COMMIE STYLE.

    What a sick Joke.


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