Key continues to cuddle up to commie thugs

john-key-chinese-overlordsJohnny Key has been busy over in Communist China this last week. Frantically kissing commie arse in the hope of getting a good trade deal. Any such trade deal will always be dependent upon political conditions that the thugs running China may not put in writing but make clear to the grovelling Key by other means.

These conditions include an extradition agreement, to send Chinese “criminals” back to be put on trial. These “criminals” are Communist party thugs who have enriched themselves through cronyism and their party connections, and then shot through with the loot. The Chicoms put out a list some time ago of its 100 most wanted, and it is rumoured that NZ shelters 60 of these.

John is no doubt in a bit of a tizz about this. He knows that due to NZ’s parlous economic condition he has to jump through any hoops the Chicoms ask him too, but he’s also worried about how many of these alleged crims might be keeping the National Party’s coffers full.

Key says its probably going to be ok to send these alleged crims back (from a justice perspective) as quote “President Xi did tell us China had been doing a bit of work on human rights”. Yeah, that’s right John, but its work that reduces human rights, not enhances them. And don’t try and pretend you don’t know this you flag changing coward. I don’t need to quote Amnesty International on China’s human rights, for there are many other sources. For Key to pretend he doesn’t know what these murdering totalitarian thugs are up to is disgraceful.

Key wants rich communist Chinese to invest in NZ’s tourist industry. One of the smoke and mirrors shows that is keeping NZ’s economic head above water. So all that university graduates and school leavers can look forward to is careers waiting at the tables of the well off Communist Chinese tourists who flock here because their scum sucking buddies already own our farms and our businesses and our land.

Leaving aside the dubious state of the Chinese economy anyway. If it all goes tits up Bill English and John Key will start whining about unexpected global developments when anyone with half a brain and one eye on global economics knows that China IS A BIG RISK RIGHT NOW.

Another condition of any trade agreement will include a specification that NZ politicians keep their mouths shut on Chinese war mongering, bullying and aggression in the South China Seas and further south. So not only do they now control a large part of our economy they’re also controlling our parliament and restricting our right to freedom of expression.

But John Key and the Nats will prostrate themselves and accept these odious demands, for without expansion of trade with China their claims to being better managers of the NZ economy will be shown up for the bullshit they are. How ironic. A Party that once had these words as its founding principles

“To promote good citizenship and self-reliance; to combat communism and socialism; to maintain freedom of contract; to encourage private enterprise; to safeguard individual rights and the privilege of ownership; to oppose interference by the State in business, and State control of industry”.

now depends on the benevolence of a communist totalitarian thug regime to keep it in power.

I hope the Chinese economy completely collapses, and with it the National Party and John Key’s poll ratings, bought as they are with Chinese money and the selling out of our country and our culture, and almost our flag.

I’d think much more of Key and the Nats if they had the balls to tell NZ the truth about our false economy and how socialism and the entitlement mentality it has produced is going to wreck the country one day as sure as the sun rises.

They don’t have this courage. The Nats prefer to run cap in hand to totalitarian thugs running a war mongering totalitarian dictatorship to try and keep the un-affordable system ticking over, and simultaneously sell our culture and heritage down the drain, and destroy our past military alliances, merely to fool gullible voters into thinking everything is doozey.

It is something I will never ever be able to forgive them for.

Video- China’s Human Right’s record in 60 seconds.

7 thoughts on “Key continues to cuddle up to commie thugs

  1. Just got banned from Whaleshit again.

    The offending comment.

    “The gangs are just the middle men.
    The supply comes out of one factory in China, Nancy boy key when he is finished kissing the premiers arse but should ask about the possibility of simply not manufacturing the one drug that is causing all the problems.
    A better solution than taking the best cold flu medication off the shelf.
    The answer will be we are going to play mummy and daddy again, you can be daddy this time, get over here and suck mummys D@#$”


    • I got banned the second time for dissent of a perfectly reasonable expletive free nature. I am still in the dark over it. WO is totally out of control when it comes to independent debate. He has marked his card by lining up with the MSM now anyway.


      • Not to sure if Blubber Boy is still in control of his site.

        It used to open and anything goes. The right to free speech was actively promoted.

        But then comments started to get deleted and people banned first because undeclared paid content was to be protected and then later the chief sensor took over, banning anything that did not fit with the party line.

        I note that they do not advertise their statistics anymore.


  2. Now now Red – it’s easier to run a business, taxes are lower, welfare sure as shit is lower, and regulation is much less (especially smoking & drinking) in Chins than in NZ.

    Whio are the real commies then?


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