Identify the real enemy

I have had a Eureka experience. Not in the bath. I was driving actually, and thinking about political strategy as is my unfortunate habit, when it suddenly hit me. We’ve been doing it wrong. For years, decades even, we’ve been doing it wrong.

Basic strategy is that you identify your target, isolate it, and attack it. That part is still OK. The mistake has been in the identification of the target.

Take the NZ situation for example. If one is fighting for liberty against ever encroaching leftist/ socialist tyranny it stands to reason (one would think) that the target is the Labour Party, the Greens and their members of parliament and their leaders specifically.

Wrong! It doesn’t stand to reason, and here is why. They’re not the main target. Sure, they perhaps qualify as tertiary targets, but who then should be the primary & secondary?

The most potent forces for left wing tyranny in New Zealand are 1) the mainstream media and 2) academia. The Labour/Greens political parties come a distant third.

So if this was a real military battle, we’ve been wasting thousands of rounds of ammunition firing into the ranks of what is essentially a dummy army. A device to draw fire while the real enemy encircles us and infiltrates us and weakens us until we’re eventually so depleted even that dummy army will defeat us.

Cultural Marxism has been the left’s most successful strategy. For those who still don’t understand it, it is simply the tactic the left adopted back in the late fifties wherein they dropped their cold war confrontational tactics, and decided a gradual almost indiscernible infiltration of the West was a far better option.

So they slowly took control of our learning systems (starting with schools and universities) and then on to media. Seventy years later, the children & students affected by this subversion have become the adults who today control most of our cultural institutions.

So our railing at the Labour Party, and David Lange and Helen Clark and today Jacinda Ardern was/ is mostly just wasted effort.

Our primary targets should be the mainstream media. Not just the fake journalists who today fill the positions once held by those we could trust. More the owners and managers who employ these charlatans. (The left are ahead of us here in their targeting of Rupert Murdoch, and with groups like Sleeping Giants and Mad F*cking Witches attacking broadcasters and print media they see as their enemy)

Our secondary targets should be the university administrators, management, and the professors (mainly humanities sector). Even teaching colleges, they in particular are a primary source of the poison being injected into the West’s veins.

Notice how most of them are not publicly known. Whereas Rupert Murdoch, Andrew Breitbart (deceased), etc are known to us and the left, few on the right know who owns (for example) the New York Times. In New Zealand, its not generally known among the perceived right who runs the universities, the newspapers, the secondary and primary education sector.

We must come to know who these shadowy figures are, and expose them to the light, because they are the real enemies of freedom, and they’ve been carrying out the subversion of the West practically unnoticed for far too long.

The Labour party and its leaders are only a subset of the real socialist army. F troop if you like. Its true generals And its special forces are in media and education, the traitors within, and it is they who should be the primary target, as they should have been for the last five decades at least.

8 thoughts on “Identify the real enemy

  1. The owners? Just follow the money and you’ll reach either George Soros, The Ford Foundation, Rockefeller’s or any other globalist scum


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  3. Policy goals are supported by concepts mentioned in media and then picked up and repeated endlessly. The next time you hear some joker say something outrageous, you can be sure that his head is so far up his rectum the only reason you know of him is because management is up in there with him holding a steady-cam. That is what global corporatism learned from national socialism and updated.


  4. This is the Cathedral concept, hijacked by Moldbug, a dodgy internet philosopher. A loose amorphous collaboration between uni and media. Universities are a disaster. Roger Scruton advocated for shutting them down as they are too far gone. Just leave a thin STEM curriculum. Kids and parents are figuring this out though. The debt is not worth while.

    I remember we used to scorn the cowards hiding from reality at University, frightened of the real world. Now we are living the revenge of the nerds.

    Homeschooling is an answer to the public education failure. And media, I guess we will need to start something new, not reliant on debt and lollipops.


  5. This analysis presumes there is a hierarchical controller behind all of it. I think you’re ignoring the competitive nature of leftists, and how this makes them whip one another and themselves up into a giant self-propelling shitstorm of hysteria and rage.

    They care about what their peers think of them, and they want to be SEEN to be the biggest anti-fascist, the toughest anti-racist, the loudest climate warrior, the staunchest straight white ally to “the LGBTQI community of colour.”

    The advent of Facebook threw petrol on this fire big time. Twitter distilled and concentrated it with its character limit forcing people to really aim low and cut to the chase with their bile.

    So now you can be a hero and a saviour without even getting off your ass and DOING ANYTHING. Look, Becky, I punched a Nazi Islamophobe Misogynist; you’ll reward me with a crumb of pussy now, right??

    Ask me how I know… 😉


    • You’ve got a cheek showing up here after the crap I had to take from you on Kiwiblog. Your post was uncharacteristically interesting, otherwise I would have deleted it instantly.


      • This is a good site. I enjoy reading most of what you write on here, And I agree with a lot of it.

        The way you used to comment on Kiwiblog, it was impossible not to have a crack.

        I hope this makes sense.


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